Functional assessment and treatment of children

Stimulation of expected developmental milestones

School readiness assessments

Evaluation and therapy for kids with learning difficulties

Assessment of kids for possible placement in special needs school

Scholastic assessments

Assessment and treatment of children struggling in school

Improvement of reading, spelling, comprehension

Testing and treatment of dyslexia

Funksionele evaluering en behandeling van kinders

Stimulasie van verwagte ontwikkelingsmylpale


Evaluasie en terapie vir kinders met leerprobleme

Evaluasie van kinders vir moontlike plasing in ‘n spesiale skool

Evaluasie en behandeling van kinders wat sukkel op skool

Skolastiese assessering

Verbetering van lees-, spel- en begripsvaardighede

Toetsing en behandeling van disleksie