Each child is unique! Each child has the ability to improve!



Determine if a child is functioning according to his/her age level or as a guideline for age-appropriate stimulation activities (for teachers, therapist, parents). This is not a standardized test. 

Developmental Check-List     =       139 pages

Age appropriate stimulation activities     =     24 pages

Available in English and Afrikaans.

ISBN  978-062048198-4

Price:  R180


Easy to use formats for pre-school class reports. 

For children age 3 months – 6 years old.  Each age band has their own class report. 

Developmental areas include movement, activities of daily living, communication, cognitive skills, personality traits, play, ball skills, coordination, perception, hand function, basic concepts, body concept, number concept, form concept, colour concept, size concept, building with blocks, threading beads, cutting with scissors, drawing a person, picture-reading, story-time, writing, prepositions.



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